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Vibration Measurement

Vibration Sensors:

  • Vibration Sensors to measure the vibration velocity. The analyzers are microprozessor controlled hence they are free programmable. All actual sensor signals are shown on the LCD-Display. Each sensorsignal can be specified to adjustable limits and delaytimes. The analyzers have relais contact output.

  • Vibration sensor TYP 648 measures vibration speed and temperature simultaneously. This sensor is used for centrifuges, big fans, turbines, generators, spindles and similar machines.

You find an overview about the available Vibration sensors and analyzers here:

Vibration Sensors Vibration Analyser
Schwingungssensoren Auswertegeraete

Vibration Measurement with FFT analyzers

     please find more details on FFT analyzers here

Non-contact Vibration Measurement:

Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry ESPI is the working principle of our Dantec Systems and enables fast full field measurement of vibration modes.

Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry ESPI Q-500 3D Vibro Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry ESPI